Carla Mooking grew up on the tropical island of Trinidad, which is famous for its vibrant and colorful Carnival celebrations. Carla brings this same vivacious energy to her artwork by using bright, bold acrylic paints and organic shapes, an obvious influence from her Caribbean roots.

Carla studied Visual Communication Design at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, majored in illustration and graduated with honors in 2003.In 2007 Carla won an award for her illustration work on a promotional piece for Edmonton Tourism and was a feature artist in Notebook art magazine. In 2010 Carla participated in the 5 Artists 1 Love: Black History Month Art Show at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

After some success as a freelance illustrator and visual artist in Edmonton her love of the ocean brought her to Vancouver in 2010 and she produced her first solo exhibit in 2013. Since then she has gone on to paint for three solo exhibitions, two group shows and many commissions. She has recently discovered the joy of teaching and shares her craft with others by facilitating team-building workshops and adult painting classes.



Have you ever met someone that initially you did not find very attractive and then after getting to know them better they became increasingly more beautiful? If you have had this experience then you are capable of seeing a person’s inner beauty, in other words their energy or aura.

This concept is what I attempt to convey in my artwork. I focus on the beauty inside, as though I am seeing the subject’s energy through an infrared camera lens. This approach frees me to explore shape and color within the painting in a unique way – from the inside out. My focus is less on perfection and more on the playful use of color and form. My hope is to create a positive healing energy and experience for the viewer.

I work in acrylics because I find this medium to be versatile, impactful and most importantly forgiving. Inspiration can come from anywhere—a scarf, a website, a tree or a person I just met. It has been said when you fall in love with someone you are blind to their flaws, you focus on what is beautiful. As an artist I feel that this is my job. My purpose is to help people focus on the beauty in the world, in others and ultimately within themselves.